work in the space of in betweensóphysical and mental architecture, memory and immediacy, material and immaterialóin an effort to question the possibilities of identity transmutation. I am fascinated by the dematerialized and shifting moments of spatial connections. I work with architectural concepts, installation, photography and constructed forms.

A lot of my current work is inspired by the photograph as an image, either for recollection, representation or documentation. The work usually starts with an idea or concept and it is only at a later stage that I consider what medium it will be made in and the end result can be quite far removed from the original material. I enjoy working with translucent and reflective materials like Perspex, glass and acetate film which creates links with the nature of memory. As a result the use of light is an important factor in my works, its quality, colour and position. Most of my current works are installation based or small sculptural pieces.

This recent series (2010-2011) of work is actually a sub-set from a larger body of work titled “Urban Landscapes”. My exploration of urban landscape began in 1984 when I moved to Chicago to earn a degree at Columbia College. The work has evolved from B&W large format architectural photography to more abstract color digital imagery. The Urban Decay Series is the flip side of the shiny, symmetrical work of my previous urban landscapes. This work is shot at several locations in downtown Gary, IN. To me, these images are about much more than just dilapidated buildings. The neglect, destruction, and decay can represent what goes on in the life of many of our inner city citizens who have been effected by economic despair, or addiction.