File 3: The Corn Dog Killer

File Subject: Patrick Packet

Date recorded: Sept 19, 2012

Patrick Packet was as soft as he was squishy. He worked his days on the Miami Florida board walk with a lot of his friends in a big container and his nights he spent listening to the ocean and loving life. However for Patrick Packet this love of life was not long to last. One day a guy bought a corn dog and squirted Patrick’s insides all over it.

Poor Patrick Packet


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File 2: Hamberger Hostage

File Subject: Cornel Claus Ketchup

Date recorded: Aug 14, 2012

Cornel Claus Ketchup was a decorated military veteran for his efforts in the battle of little round tater tot. All he wanted was to live out his years on his shelf at Walmart, unfortunately┬áthat wouldn’t be the case for this hero. A lady came in and purchased the Cornel and some ground beef and made delicious hamburgers.

The end of Cornell Claus Ketchup

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File 1: Ketchup Mess Up

File subject: Billy Bottle

Date recorded: Dec 6th, 2011

Billy Bottle was an unsuspecting bottle, living his life full of ketchup and loving it. His residence was a local supermarket in Bowling Green Ohio. Until one day, Billy Bottle got bought. He was taken and used on hot salty french fries!

Billy Bottle, we will miss you.

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